Art Fraud Services

Avondale Galleries offers Art Fraud Services in Oklahoma to individuals and Insurance Companies across the United States.

Art Forgery is Art Fraud creating and selling works of art which are falsely signed or misrepresented to the buyer, often by art dealers, auction houses, cruse lines, antique stores, decorators and auction sites. And individuals reporting fraudulent losses to their insurance companies furnishing fraudulent appraisal documents. This includes original oil paintings, graphic arts (prints) by modern masters and bronze sculptures. Modern dating and analysis techniques have made the identification of forged art identifiable, which Avondale Galleries employs. Often the identity of the artist was of little importance to the buyer at the time of purchase.

Today this is of much greater importance to the owner or purchaser. Avondale Galleries specializes in Fine Art Appraisals and Fine Art Restoration, Exquisite Custom Framing and Art Fraud which is the distinction between The Original, copies, replicas, and a legitimate reproduction bronze recast and a deliberate forgery.

Forgers usually copy works by deceased artists; however, buying an antique painting and removing the artist name and re-signing the work is more the norm today, as is forging the signature on and unsigned graphic or print is very common.

Avondale Galleries has uncovered over one million dollars in forgeries in the last 30 years of appraising fine art here in Oklahoma City.

We believe that 50%to 70% of art sold on auction sites and cruise lines today is misrepresented in originality price or investment potential.

When your collection is professionally appraised by a seasoned professional you will know your work is original and has the correct value listed on your appraisal. Avondale Galleries has been providing this service since 1983.